Amateur SATB choir based in Fleet, Hampshire

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“We don't present our voices to the audience.

We resonate our souls”


July 2015

Kirstie Hennessey - Soprano

Although I have sung for most of my life, starting in the church choir when I was about 12 and singing at school in concerts and shows, I definitely would not describe myself as a choral music expert.


My musical taste is best described as “eclectic” - a bit of Green Day and Led Zeppelin, some Pharrell Williams on occasion (come on, who doesn’t love a bit of ‘Happy’!) as well as the odd classical favourite thrown in for good measure.


So, for me, one of the best things about singing in Hart Voices is that we don’t just tackle the choral classics (although we can Hallelujah Chorus with the best of them).


We are introduced to a wide range of different choral styles and challenges which have expanded my taste and introduced me to some new firm favourites.

Choir Member since:

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I also love the concerts, particularly when we feel we’ve done ourselves justice and given the audience a great night out. Roy is really good at getting us to raise our game come concert time and the amazing quality of the soloists we are now performing with is really inspiring and a great incentive to concentrate on giving the best performance we can.


Apart from a brief break from the choir about 10 years ago, I’ve sung with Hart Voices for 20 years (it definitely does not feel that long). One of the main reasons I’ve been a member so long (and the reason I came back after my break) was the people who sing in the choir. They are a lovely bunch; friendly and welcoming with a great sense of fun. We have regular social events and trips which all help to make you feel part of the team and, I hope, make it easier for new members to settle in and feel part of the group. We’ve even sung at the International Eisteddfod in Llangollen in North Wales this year; an amazing experience that I definitely wouldn’t have had without the choir.


I recently moved to Basingstoke but have no plans to leave Hart Voices. I really could not imagine my life without singing as part of this choir. It’s a wonderful way to spend my time and I would recommend it to anyone!

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