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“We don't present our voices to the audience.

We resonate our souls”


December 2015

Carolyn Smith - Alto

I joined Hart Voices in September 1998 having been looking for a choir for some time.


I had sung in choirs throughout my childhood and teenage years and had now completed my first year of teaching and was ready to get singing again!


A local paper came through my door with an advert for Hart Voices and I asked my friend Jenny (still a fellow alto) to come along with me. The rest is history!


My first concert was Benjamin Britten Ceremony of Carols and I can remember how amazing it felt as the first bars were sung in the concert.


We have come a very long way since then and it wasn't long before Roy arrived and took the choir to a new level.

Choir Member since:

Carolyn Smith


In the 17 years I have sung in the choir I have never missed singing in a concert.  I did indeed manage to sing in the Christmas concert 5 days before having my twins and I remember Roy's raised eyebrows during the concert as we sung about the birth of the baby!!! The same scenario happened 6 years later having my 3rd daughter. Fortunately nothing happened during the concert! That says a lot about how I feel about being a part of Hart Voices. My week is packed with teaching and most importantly being a mum to my 3 girls, but that window of 2 hours on a Wednesday night is very important to me and I rarely miss it if I can help it.


I have recently finished a 10 year stint as librarian for Hart Voices and I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the committee. It is made up of a happy bunch of people who all work very hard and do their best to make sure the choir runs smoothly. Being on the committee gives you a great insight into the running of the choir and I highly recommend it to other members (don't worry, you don't have to do 10 years!)


Without doubt my proudest moment was last year when my two school choirs were asked to sing at the Phyllis Tuckwell Concert with Hart Voices. It was a moment that combined so much that holds dear to me, singing myself and encouraging young children to do the same! To see those little faces singing their hearts out at a standard that I felt so proud of was magical. My heart was on my sleeve and it was the most special moment of my teaching career. So here we are again tonight.........I hope they delight you again!

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